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Vape Responsibly Series 05 – Vape Hooligans

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What does it mean to be an Ash-Hole, and more importantly, what does it mean to not be an Ash-hole? Over the past few weeks, Twist E-Liquids has been taking the time to break down the meaning behind this while we explore what vaping responsibly means, all to help show people the benefits that they can experience by making the positive switch from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping. The end goal is to help people quit entirely, and one of the best smoke cessation options on the market is vaping. One of the keys to vaping responsibly is being able to identify the benefits that vaping has to offer, especially when it comes to long-time smokers.  

We have had great conversations with fellow vapers so far, and we have learned a lot about their journeys and what vaping responsibly takes. It’s not easy to make the switch from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping, and sometimes all it takes to make it easier is a little bit of help from the people around you. This is why we continue to share the stories of former Ash-Holes, people who have lived the hard work that is necessary to make a switch like this.  

This week we spoke with Vape Hooligans, a name that many people in this industry are familiar with. His Instagram page is dedicated to all the hardcore vapers out there, and we were glad to be able to hear about how he transitioned from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Here is the conversation we had with him:


Q: What age did you start smoking cigarettes and how much did you smoke a day/week?

A: I started smoking cigarettes at 15, and I pretty much smoked 1 to 2 packs a day. There were periods of my life where I smoked more than this. 

Q: How did smoking cigarettes affect your life and those around you?

A: Made it hard for me to do physical activities, skating, playing ball, even hiking.  Also made my clothes and breath smell. Smoking cigarettes made it hard for me to do a lot of the physical activities that I had come to love. For instance skating, playing ball, and even hiking became rather hard to do. It also made my clothes and breath smell, and I think this played a huge part in my decision.

Q: How did you find vaping? What flavor helped you quit smoking?

A:  I saw a shop and I just walked in to check some stuff out. That’s how I first found vaping. I pretty much quit on custards mostly. 

Q: How did vaping make you feel as opposed to cigarettes?

A: After making the switch things were markedly improved. I felt like I could do way more physically without getting winded. All those things I mentioned before – skating, playing ball, hiking – they became much much easier to do which was great.

Q: When did you quit smoking cigarettes and how has it affected your life now?

A: I quit smoking cigarettes 6.5 years ago, and I’m glad I did. My life has changed so much by making the switch, it’s almost overwhelming. 

Q: Do you have any advice to those that are currently cigarette smokers and want to make the switch?

A: My advice is to find something that you enjoy. I personally couldn’t quit on tobacco flavors. I vape them now sometimes, by choice, but when you’re quitting I have found it better to go with a completely different flavor. You will never find a flavor that tastes just like a cigarette, so you will be constantly let down. If you go with a fruit or dessert, your chances of quitting will be far more likely to be successful. 

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