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5 Ways To Enjoy TWST To-Go

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This is not your average list. This is not another one of those click-bait posts that tempt you to see how hot some actress from your teenage years looks like now. PS they always look hotter now. 

No, no, no! This is a list made just for you, the vaper who lives a busy life and wants convenience with their vape. This is how TWST To-Go–Twist E-liquids new portable vape device–can make your busy life better.  TWST To-Go fits seamlessly into the life you lead with the e-liquids that you love best. This new portable and disposable device feels like having the perfect wingman. 

We know that being an adult with a job, active social life or kids can get. We’re right there with you, and Twist E-liquids knows how to make the best flavors to compliment the time you get to yourself. 

Repeat, this is not your average list. It’s a list that shows you the best ways to enjoy TWST To-Go and get the most out of your busy life.  

1. At ‘Da Club’

TWST To-Go brings you the convenience of your favorite flavors, in a clean “ash-hole free” way; and what better way to fully experience this than by having a night out on the town at a bar or club with some friends. All you have to do is grab your TWST To-Go and head out the door, without even second-guessing anything the entire night. You can hold that cocktail and your vape with one hand while you rock out with your vape out. It’s also easier to just put your TWST To-Go device in your pocket to keep your hands free for flagging down the bartender or for raising the roof. Now you don’t have to weigh your girlfriend’s purse down by asking her to hold on to your mod for you, and if you’re single TWST To-go is the best wingman you’ve got – take two with you and give one to that special someone if you know what we mean. 

2. Stay Lazy at Home

Like Netflix and chill, you can now add TWST To-Go to your list of lazy day activities. One of the best possible places to relax with the flavors of TWST To-Go, is at home on a lazy day. Lazy days are priceless, they help you unwind and decompress. On days like this, the only thing you want to do is nothing at all. You don’t want to be bothered with getting up from the recliner in your man-cave just to fill up a mod. TWST To-Go makes it easier to achieve this nirvana by giving you a vape device that can sit alongside your remote control and a bag of Doritos. There are no additional steps, it is the fastest way to delight in your favorite vape. To us, that sounds like the perfect recipe for a lazy day. 

3. With the Judgmental Fam

We’ve all been to family cookouts, barbecues, and gatherings, where unwanted opinions are shared freely whether you want them or not – like how to raise your kids, or questions about when you’re going to get married. With the Vape Scare of 2019, vaping with a big mod device is bound to draw some comments. TWST To-Go can help you avoid awkward family situations or a shouting match. Save yourself from the drama; however, if you relish the drama you can also use it as a teaching moment with some vape facts.

4. On Your Next Vacay

The TSA pat down is real, and it should be. But if you’re looking to quickly zip through airport security without having a TSA officer stop and frisk you, then TWST To-Go is perfect for you. Sometimes, an officer unfamiliar with a mod device might stop you to make sure you’re not carrying a lethal weapon. If you need to make that connection and want to breeze through the airport to get to the beach as soon as possible, then a portable TWST To-Go device will get you there faster. It’s also ideal for business travelers who don’t want to do a checked-in bag. It fits right in your pocket, and you won’t have to worry about it spilling, because we definitely don’t want everyone in the airport looking at you weird. 

5. Cloud Free Car

Want to drive your car without having the windows down during the dead of winter? We know we do. The problem is, you can’t achieve this if you’re blowing out big clouds from a mod while you’re driving. With TWST To-Go, the device releases a small cloud that won’t inhibit your driving visibility – unless you’re aggressively chain-vaping, and if you are that’s on you. TWST To-Go’s design also lets you hold the device in place with your lips so you can keep both hands on the wheel.

Truth be told, you can enjoy TWST To-Go just about anywhere you go, wherever you are. You don’t need a special occasion or a specific setting to grab your TWST To-Go and relish in the flavors that you inhale. TWST To-Go was crafted for the adult who wants convenience; and it was designed to be able to easily fit into your lifestyle no matter where you are or out and about.

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