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Vape Responsibly Series 04 – Tyriq Broussard

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Twist E-Liquids is committed to promoting the idea of vaping responsibly. In our conversations with fellow vapers over the past weeks, we have learned more about what it means, and what it takes, to vape responsibly. The end goal is to help give real people, and real vapers, a platform that lets them share their stories. We also want to have this platform give current cigarette smokers an idea of what it takes to make the positive switch.

Our past conversations with Ben, Mik, and Asad have been truly enlightening, and we hope that our conversation this week also continues in that vein. We caught up with Tyriq, and he had a lot of gems to share. Check out the conversation below, and look forward to more conversations with other vapers in the coming weeks.


Q. At what age did you start smoking cigarettes and how much did you smoke a day/week?

A. I believe I started smoking cigarettes when I was 17. I really didn’t smoke that much, but I would always crave it. Even though I didn’t smoke that much, I still found that with every chance I would get I would smoke as much as possible – whether it be with someone I know or from an associate.


Q. How did smoking cigarettes affect your life and those around you?

A. After smoking for a little while I knew almost immediately that my body was different. I wasn’t as energetic, I would get tired really fast from doing physical activities or just anything in general. I always thought cigarettes had a weird taste to them, but they still helped satisfy me. 


Q. How did you find vaping? What flavor helped you quit smoking?

A. A friend of mine had a vape pen and he let me hit it a few times. I remember thinking that the flavor he had was super tasty, and that it also made me feel more satisfied, which was a good thing. I believe the flavor he had at the time was a strawberry cheesecake flavor.


Q. When did you quit smoking cigarettes and how has it affected your life now?

A. I completely finished smoking when I was 19 and by then I had bought an Aegis mod. I felt myself being able to do way more things physically. My body and face didn’t look as bad anymore. I started looking good again!


Q. Do you have any advice to those that are currently cigarette smokers and want to make the switch?

A. Honestly, my best advice for anyone that wants to switch over to vaping is to have fun with the entire process, choose a good flavor that interests you, and ask questions. The more you know about what you’re handling, the better experience you will have with it!

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