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Vape Responsibly Series 03 – Asad Hussain

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Vape Responsibly Series 03

At Twist E-Liquids, one of our main goals is to help people vape responsibly, and that is the driving force behind most of the things that we do. This same initiative is who fuels our Don’t Be An Ash-Hole campaign, and we want to continue to highlight the stories of proud vapers who were able to successfully quit smoking combustible cigarettes. Sharing these stories not only showcases the effectiveness of vaping as a smoke cessation tool, but it also gives smokers out there some insight into what it takes to be able to successfully make the switch. 

Over the past two weeks we’ve spoken with Mikki and Ben, who each shared stories about their own personal journeys and how they started to vape responsibly. There is no doubt that elements of their stories will remind vapers out there about some parts of their own journeys to successfully making the switch to vaping. For this week’s DBA series, we spoke with Asad Hussain and his story had many key parts that we really enjoyed and we hope you do too! So, without further ado, here the conversation we had with Asad: 


Q: What age did you start smoking cigarettes and how much did you smoke?

A: I started smoking at the age of 16. At that time, it was only 5-7 cigarettes per day and by 2 years later I was smoking 15-20 cigarettes per day. I thought smoking was cool as my friends used to smoke with me. I smoked for over 10 years before successfully making the switch.

Q: How did smoking cigarettes affect your life and those around you? 

A: It was back in 2010 when I got married that my wife used to say “It’s hard to breathe with you smelling like cigarettes”, but the habit still continued for the next few years. In 2014 my wife was expecting our baby and she said you absolutely cannot be near the baby if you’re smelling of cigarettes. So I then made the move to ask a few people about vaping and how it helps. 

Q: How did you find vaping? What flavor helped you quit smoking?

A: After I had asked around a little bit I ended up starting off with a ce4 clearomizer kit, but I still had the urge to smoke. It was then that I took the time to speak with someone from the vaping industry, and they told me that I would need a better kit and that I would feel the difference after a few weeks. So I purchased a box mod with a sub-ohm tank, as well as some strawberry flavored e-liquid. I’ll be honest with you, it was so good for me! I haven’t looked back after that. The fruit flavors really helped me stay on vaping. 

Q: How did vaping make you feel as opposed to cigarettes?

A: Vaping helped give me a much healthier lifestyle. I was able to be around my kids and my wife without worrying that the smell of cigarettes would make them uncomfortable or make it hard for them to breathe. So overall it’s made me feel much better. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and I have a colostomy bag. But I can proudly say that I now have 2 children and a wife who are happy with me as I don’t smoke anymore.

Q: Do you have any advice to those that are currently cigarette smokers and want to make the switch?

A. The only advice I can give to smokers is don’t be an ash-hole and be a smart nic head using proper regulated vaping devices from reputable vaping companies. My heart goes out to the vaping industry for bringing a great replacement for cigarettes. Please please please stop smoking and switch to vaping. It will also help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, trust me! Vape responsibly!

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