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Hecho Con Amor

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Pepino Twist Coming Soon

Hecho Con Amor is not just a phrase, but a gesture of appreciation towards the group of people that have done so much alongside us. Pepino Twist isn’t just a flavor profile, it’s an acknowledgment by Twist that says “thank you for being such a huge part of our world, now let us embody a major part of yours”. 

It wasn’t by chance that we chose Fútbol to be the theme behind this beautiful additional flavor in the Twist line. Hispanic and Latin American cultures are ones of love, passion, and dignity. These are people who show loyalty and respect to what they believe in and will support one another to the very end. 

Fùtbol is a direct representation of that passion. This passion runs through the players, the announcers, and even the die-hard fans that will support their teams no matter whether they win or lose. The passion for their teams and the impenetrable support beam of love for their players directly correlates to the soul behind the flavor we have created. 

When we made Pepino Twist, we wanted the Hispanic and Latin American cultures to know that Twist stands by them with the same amount of loyalty and passion that they have shown to our brand. You have brought us into your homes and made Twist a daily part of your lives. 

The support by small businesses and distributors,  paired with the constant consumption by our loyal consumer fans, has made us very fortunate to be able to call ourselves your winning home team. We want the people to know that their support is truly something special and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. We wanted to give you something special in return, a flavor close to your hearts – one that draws on memories of a family get together or maybe even a memorable sip of Pepino Lemonade at your favorite team’s local game. 

This one was for the fans, this one was for the loyalist culture that helped make Twist arguably the most successful brand in the Latino and Hispanic communities. You helped us to get to the world stage, and now we want to share the stage with you. 

Pepino is more than just a flavor, it’s a representation of a united world. Latin America, Mexico, Spain, and sunny California in the USA – working as one to change the world and the future of tobacco. It’s historical, just like the World Cup; and it deserves a historical flavor to show that when people are appreciated and loved, the sky’s the limit to what can be achieved. So thank you; for believing in us as we believe in you, and we hope you enjoy the flavor we made just for YOU. Después de todo, fue hecho con amor.

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