These products contain synthetic nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Best Nicotine Salt Flavors By TWST Salts

From the team that brought you the amazing Twist E-Liquids flavors, comes a line of Nicotine salts that aim to deliver the same exciting vape blends with the same stellar quality! The passion and innovation that exists at the heart of every TWST Salt powers the consistent release of exciting flavors that are meant to enhance the way you live your life. From the very first taste, these flavor-packed salts, which have been carefully mixed by our master mixologist, will twist your perspective and help you achieve a better version of yourself through amazing tastes that cannot be duplicated! 

As a trailblazer and trendsetter in the vape industry, Twist E-Liquids is in a position to be the provider of the best vape flavors all around the world. Our priority is to always ensure that each and every one of our customers are given the best of the best when it comes to juice flavors, packaging, and the overall quality of our products. Here are our amazing salts:

TWST Salts Flavor Descriptions

Iced Pink Punch Salt

The award-winning flavor of Pink Punch Lemonade is given an icy menthol twist that delivers the Iced Pink Punch – and now this cool breezy concoction is here to stay as one our top-of-the-line Nicotine Salts!

This perfectly balanced blend of lemonade and red berries is sure to be a defining part of every summer. The Iced Pink Punch Salt is the perfect way to keep your cool each and every day of the year. Enjoy the delectable flavors of this icy punch whenever you need to take a break from the heat outside!







Honeydew Melon Chew Salt

The Honeydew Melon Chew flavor by Melon Twist has now gotten even better, thanks to the addition of our excellent top of the line Nicotine Salt. This unique combination of melon based flavors are bound to delight and stimulate your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed. 

Honeydew melons, and juicy cantaloupe are intricately blended together to provide a tasty experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Order this top of the line Nicotine salt today to experience this outstanding flavor. 







Watermelon Madness Salt

Are you mad about watermelons? This fresh watermelon flavor is drenched in irresistibly smooth nectar that works to enhance the base watermelon notes that make this Watermelon Madness flavor a real treat. The goodness of the Watermelon Madness is now packed into a premium Nicotine salt designed just for you.

The world of flavor packed into this Nic salt is designed to please the taste buds of all the watermelon lovers out there. Each of these layers of watermelon will gently waft over your taste buds so that you have a chance to savor all the flavors as they unfold.








Iced Pucker Punch Salt

This Icy menthol infused salt really packs a punch of flavor that is designed to excite and stimulate your taste buds in the most refreshing way. This proprietary blend of exotic flavors is designed to mimic your favorite party punch bowl and has an eclectic mix of exotic fruits you are sure to enjoy. 

The Iced Pucker Punch Salt is built off of the amazing Tropical Pucker Punch flavor by Twist E-Liquids. With an award-winning flavor profile, this Nicotine Salt is crafted to be the perfect cool supplement for your hot summer days. 






Mango Cream Dream Salt

Ripe and juicy mangoes provide the perfect base for this creamy, succulent, vape flavor that will leave you in awe. TWST Salt has designed this amazing fruity mix to please your taste buds in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them with flavor. 

The Mango Cream Dream Salt is a refreshing blast of smooth mango flavor that contains fruity undertones meant to enhance your vape flavor experience. Twist E-Liquids aims to provide the best vape flavors and Nicotine salts, and the Mango Cream dream is a testament to this aspiration. Order yours today!







Pink Punch Lemonade Salt

The award-winning flavor of Lemon Twist’s Pink Punch Lemonade is now available in a top-of-the-line Nicotine Salt. This salt packs an amazing flavor profile that brings a tart, sweet, and unbelievably smooth inhale to your taste buds. 

Backed by the experience of taste experts Twist E-Liquids, and the genius of a proprietary flavor, this Pink Punch Lemonade Salt is bound to become one of the best nicotine salts on the market. Get your order of TWST Salt’s Pink Punch Lemonade Salt now!







Iced Watermelon Madness Salt 

The scintillating flavor of Watermelon Madness from Melon Twist by Twist E-Liquids is now combined with the icy cool breeze of menthol to create an exciting flavored Nicotine Salt: Iced Watermelon Madness Salt!

This icy cool flavor is oozing with watermelon and crafted to give your taste buds a refreshingly cool jolt of watermelon filled flavor.






Strawberry Crush Ice Salt

The award-winning flavor blend of our Strawberry Crush Lemonade has been given an exciting twist with an added layer of icy menthol that works to create refreshingly cool nicotine salt with finely balanced flavors of vine-ripened strawberries and fresh-squeezed lemonade. 

This stimulating salt will give your tastebuds something to be excited about and it will revitalize your senses!









Arctic Cool Mint Salt – Coming Soon 

Prepare for a flavor that brings the chill! Arctic Cool Mint combines the cooling flavor of menthol, with the sweet and subtle chill of mint to create a flavor, unlike anything you have ever tasted. Each inhale invites your tastebuds to indulge in a refreshing blast of flavor with endless layers of icy goodness. 

As far as salts go, the Arctic Cool Mint packs a refreshing icy blast that will move you to the core. Inhale this cooling salt and indulge in the world of flavor that you enter. 

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