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360 By Twist E-Liquids

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360 By Twist E-Liquids

Good things come in 3’s and these flavors are all the proof you need of that! Twist E-Liquids brings you a bold and refreshing line of vape flavors – 360 by Twist E-Liquid. Featuring our Triple Red and Triple Melon e-liquid blends, 360 by Twist E-Liquids follows in the line of exciting flavors and seeks to continue being innovative and invigorating. At the heart of every Twist E-Liquids flavor line is a proprietary flavor blend that has been patiently crafted by our master mixologist.


These flavors are created with care and passion, and we hope that you can taste this with every single inhale. 360 by Twist is crafted to fit into the life of people who love their lives and are motivated to make changes that help them become better. These flavors are the perfect counterpart for individuals out there who want to actively see the world, live better lives, and enjoy exciting flavors. Learn more about the juice from 360 By Twist E-Liquids below:

360 By Twist E-Liquids Flavor Descriptions

360 Triple Red

360 by Twist E-Liquids proudly presents the Triple Red flavor: a fresh, unique blend of your favorite fruits that can be sourced from your local farmers market. Tart, sweet, and bold, these fruity flavors are deftly mixed together to reinvent this special creation. 

We invite you to explore a tasteful medley of the finest fruits blended to vape perfection.  Enjoy a blend of juicy watermelon, ripe strawberries, and tart raspberries that will be sure to stimulate your senses.  





360 Triple Melon

Triple Melon combines the juicy flavors of fresh cantaloupe melons, honeydew, and watermelon in a subtle manner that gives rise to an irresistible flavor experience meant to cater to every melon lover’s dreams.

Inhale the mouth-watering blend of watermelon, cantaloupe melons, and honeydew as you let the decadent sensations of melons float through your body. This juicy combination of melons is bound to reinvigorate your mind!

Embark on a flavor journey into one of the best vape flavors to ever hit the market. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the 360 Triple Melon flavor. 

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