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Limited Edition E-Liquids

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Limited Edition E-Liquids By Twist E-Liquids

Twist E-Liquids is a name that has become synonymous with outstanding flavors and e liquid blends that leave customers awed and satisfied. From tasty juice blends that include the award winning Pink Punch Lemonade, and the globally acclaimed Strawberry Crush Lemonade, Twist E-Liquids brings you a collection of limited edition flavor blends that continue to prove that Twist has the magic formula for the best vape flavors on the market. 


These limited edition e-liquids feature the Golden Honey Bomb, Golden Coast Lemon Bar, and Mango Cream Dream. Each of these flavors incorporates Twist E-Liquids passion and commitment to providing flavors that are a cut above the rest. Dive into these exciting limited edition flavors below:

Limited Edition Flavor Descriptions

Golden Honey Bomb 

This limited edition Golden Honey Bomb flavor is a timeless, limited edition, blend that you do not want to miss out on. With a decadent and rich flavor that tastes like liquid gold, this flavor invites you to be beautiful and to be bold. It invites you to lose your sense of time and place and focus solely on the flavors that you are inhaling.

Elegant and sophisticated, tasty notes of honey and cream milk waft slowly over your tongue and evolve into a flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This enchanting flavor bomb is a mesh of honeycomb coupled with a light layer of creamy milk that reveals itself more with every inhale and exhale. Each of these layers of flavor is twisted together to create a limited-edition flavor that you won’t soon forget. 

This Golden Honey Bomb is filled with twisted honey layers of flavorful surprises that are waiting to lavish your palate and take you on a timeless adventure. Get yours today!




Golden Coast Lemon Bar

Like a relaxing drive up the PCH along California’s golden coast, this delicious lemon bar is a product of vape heaven; and the very first inhale will have you feeling as if that is exactly where you are. A tart, rich, and decadent flavor, this Golden Coast Lemon Bar is a perfectly mixed blend of creamy lemon meringue with a delectable, buttery, crust that will keep your palate twisted in pleasure.

A flavor that tastes like something fresh out of the oven, every inhale of the Golden Coast Lemon bar will transport you to a world of dessert-like flavor that you are bound to enjoy! Dare to indulge in a world filled with flavor, order your limited edition Golden Coast Lemon Bar now!






Mango Cream Dream

Mango Twist By Twist E-Liquids presents the Mango Cream Dream, an array of creamy mango flavors that will redefine the way you understand this flavor. Everything about this particular flavor is a dreamy and creamy sensation. The first inhale introduces the flavor of succulent, ripe, and juicy mangoes that waft over your palate bringing you closer to a dreamy world of creamy goodness.

This limited-edition flavor is the perfect vape flavor to keep you calm and refreshed, all while keeping you surrounded by a ripe mango flavor that does not disappoint.  

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