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Vape South America Peru 2019

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Vape South America Twist E-Liquids Peru

Find Twist E-Liquids At Vape South America Peru 2019! 

Vape South America is the premier vape convention in Central and Southern America, and it is an exciting annual event organized by VapeConventions.com. VapeConventions is responsible for organizing international vape expos and tradeshows around the world, and Twist E-Liquids is excited to be a part of Vape South America this year! International vape conventions have long been at the forefront of popularizing aspects of the vape industry and shining a light on potential new markets all over the globe.  

This year, Vape South America is headed to Peru! This will be the first vape convention in Peru, and it is bound to be an exciting and memorable event. Twist E-Liquids is looking forward to enriching your experience at Vape Peru 2019, so come find us at Booth G12 during Vape Peru 2019 and learn about what we have going on. It will also give you a chance to try some of Twist E-Liquids award-winning flavors! 

Twist E-Liquids has a lot of awesome things in store for all the vape enthusiasts and businesses that make their way to the convention, you might even get the chance to learn about some fresh flavors! With it being the very first vape convention to be held in Peru, you know that there is a growing sense of excitement, and the possibilities are truly endless for what could happen at Vape South America Peru 2019!

There is so much to look forward to during events like these! Both buyers and businesses alike are given the unique opportunity to sample multiple products and network with countless e-liquid brands. This is the perfect chance for vapers from around the world to get a taste of amazing juices from different companies around the world. It also gives businesses a direct connection to international vape communities that are just waiting to try their e-liquids. 

Vape Peru 2019 will be one of the most exciting vape community events this year, and we want to make sure that you’re there to enjoy it, so here is everything that you need to know to get to the Vape South America Expo Peru 2019!

Vape South America Peru 2019 Exclusive

What To Enjoy At Vape Peru Expo 2019

The experience of Vape South America 2019 is one that can’t be missed, and this isn’t just because Twist E-Liquids is going to be present! With this being the first Vape South America convention in Peru, there are a lot of enjoyable activities lined up for attendees.

Vape South America Peru invites attendees to partake in the fun and excitement by joining in clouds and tricks comps that allow them to pit their skills against other vapers and vape enthusiasts from around the world. 

There will also be a live DJ in attendance during all the events to provide music and entertainment for all attendees! Make sure you take the time to explore Vape Peru 2019 and visit Twist E-Liquids at booth G12!In addition to all the exciting things Vape South America has lined up, Twist E-Liquids will have an awesome fútbol setup at booth G12, and we would love to have attendees stop by and partake in a few friendly games with us! Not only will you get the chance to go head to head in a friendly game with some of your favorite e-liquid brands, but you will also be one of the first people to learn about the exclusive Twist E-Liquid flavor that is coming to Vape Peru 2019!

Vape South America Peru Twist E-Liquids

The Vape Peru 2019 Expo will be held at:

Domos Art

Costa Verde, San Miguel

15086, Peru

The time schedule for Vape Peru is as follows:

Sat, Oct 19, 2019, 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Sun, Oct 20, 2019, 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Peru Standard Time (PET)

Attendees should be mindful of the fact that this is an international event, so you should make sure you adjust your clocks to avoid missing out on any of the fun activities going on that day. Tickets are free but you do have to register/RSVP for Vape Peru 2019, but we’ll get to that shortly. Twist E-Liquids is looking forward to seeing you there that day so we want to make sure that you have all the information that you need to get there promptly and correctly. Once again, come find us at Booth G12 during Vape South America Peru 2019!

If you are thinking of attending the Vape Peru Expo 2019 and you haven’t registered to attend yet then click here to register for the Vape Peru Expo 2019 and then get ready to enjoy all the events of that day. Once again, this is a free event, but you do need to make sure that you have registered to attend Vape Peru 2019 so that your tickets can be emailed to you for you to gain access to Vape South America Peru 2019.

Also if you need to contact the organizers of the event for any information at all, they can be reached at info@vapesouthamerica.com, and they can also be reached by phone at +1-631-777-3455.


Here is some additional information you should be aware of before you attend the event:

  • All attendees of the Vape Peru Expo must be 18 and up to be granted entry.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of what you can take into the event, so vapers are free to bring their vapes into the exhibition, as well as backpacks which may be subject to search if necessary.
  • The event will be held at a unique, beach-side, location that is fully turfed and weatherproof, and there will also be 24-hour, around the clock security to cater to the event. 
  • You will need access to your ticket to enter the event. You can either print out your ticket or show it to the event organizers on your phone. Tickets will be emailed to attendees upon registration. 
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