These products contain synthetic nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


That Every Vape Company Should Know


In our previous blog post, What is PMTA?, we gave you a general overview. Our latest post will highlight the 10 things you should know about FDA PMTA so you can sound like an expert. We’re keeping them short and simple. So let’s begin.


  1. First things first, PMTA is an acronym for “Premarket Tobacco Application”


  1. It considers the risk and benefits to the population; the impact on cessation and initiation


  1. The required standard is that products are appropriate for the protection of public health


  1. Manufacturers MUST send a PMTA application to the FDA in order to continue marketing and selling e-liquid products


  1. We all have to do it since 99% of all vape products MUST go through this process, including importers and vape shops


  1. As of September 2018, 396+ vape product applications have been submitted and counting


  1. Buckle up because it’s a lengthy review process with multiple phases, ranging from Pre-Meeting, Acceptance, Filing, Substantive Review, Action, and Post-market Reporting


  1. The deadline for submissions is September 9, 2020


  1. Twist E-Liquids will be submitting flavors to PMTA


  1. Twist is committed to making sure you keep having amazing flavors available to you past September so that you can stay #officiallyTwisted
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